Monumental fairytale love, we all have seen it in the movies and now I get to gift one person something in the spirit of it. It’s like I can feel it! Do you feel it too? Mutual love, this is the place to be. Snuggle in and get cozy. Not on this pillow though, its for lifting your spirit, not your lovely head. If you entered and did not win, worry not. There are lots of great giveaways to come! Incredibly big thank you for participating in this contest to win the ring bearer pillow featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style for a Cinderella photo shoot styled by La Vie Le Gage Couture Events.



All right, let’s set the mood… Ahem. Dear winner, my goodness you look amaaazing. Who are you wearing? Oh wait, custom Fairy Godmother gown, of course. I should have known. All you need is the perfect little pillow and you will be the belle of the ball. Very important to remember that the winner must email the studio within 24 hours or the pillow turns back into a tiny field mouse (will be forfeited) and given to a runner up only after being enchanted again back into the pillow. Trumpets are sounding the arrival of the winner, everyone turns to stare, lets out a collective gasp and it’s Yuri S! Yuri, please email the studio to claim your beautiful pillow.

XOxoXO -Marie


The heart wants to bestow its affection. In honor of a fairytale love story, Emici Livet is giving away this Cinderella inspired display pillow that was used for a beautifully styled photo shoot featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.


Shoot styled by Vie le Gage Couture Events. Photo above by Rebecca Marie Photography.


The palest icy blue silk satin topped with blue washed out waves of silk dupioni and soft pleated tulle. Each cascade falls into another creating a crescendo of texture.


A heavily jeweled band of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones in clear and ab runs diagonal across the entire front.


The back is tufted with a glass button of course. A simple dedication to the famous glass slipper.

This is a large pillow and measures about 12 inches square.


There are a two different ways to enter this giveaway. The contest ends on Friday July 15th with a winner announced Saturday morning in a blog post here. This next bit is the important part friends! Winner must contact Emici Livet within 24 hours to claim this prize or it will be forfeited and a back up winner will be selected. This contest is open to international entries. Here are the different ways you can enter this Emici Livet giveaway:

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2. Like the post about this on Facebook and share it with your friends.

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XO -Marie

Love is Wild

With every beat of my heart.

Love is wild, unexpected, beautiful and unruly. It grows and changes over time, sometimes in ways that are entirely out of our control. You should never be afraid of it. Only be afraid of not trying my dears. This is the last version of Evergreen that is planned from Emici Livet. What a wonder love is.

Evergreen represents love and affection as it grows over the seasons. Blossoming and reaching ever upward toward the sky. Live cedar sprigs were hand selected from a tree over fall and spring and then cast in solid bronze to represent the passing of time. Each of them have been plated in 24k gold.


The antique ribbon that secures the hand dyed silk wrapped stems of Evergreen is about a century old. With each passing day it becomes exceedingly more rare. Silk velvet on one side and silk taffeta on the other. Not a beauty to be forgotten in a deep shade of regal royal blue. One can’t help but think of who made the decision to produce this ribbon and whether or not they anticipated that it would be used for something like this. Whether or not they did, I hope that they would approve of the use. After all. It is for the deepest of loves that you can conceive of.


All the silk velvet leaves were cut and pressed in the studio using antique tools. They are supple soft in double sided velvet. Many are making their very first appearance in Evergreen.


A yellow topaz from a dear friend hand picked for me when he was on a trip in Thailand. Secured by antique black net given to me by my mother.


These leaves are cast bronze from silk fabric leaves created in the Emici Livet studio. They represent challenges. There is still structure, memory and a story to tell. Even though they are not whole they are still beautiful and a very important element to the love we share with others. Without these pieces our experience would be incomplete.


The variance of gemstones showcased in Evergreen represent all the different ways we can offer happiness and light to others. Simple gestures of kindness that take on many forms and shapes. Look closely and you will see kunzite, tanzanite, Ethiopian opal, ametrine and yellow topaz throughout the canopy of this bouquet. These gemstones occur naturally just like the affection we have for others.


On one of the days I was assembling, my daughter helped me to set and wire countless Swarovski crystals. We sat and talked about our day. I watched her take joy in her work. She is a marvel and every day I grow more proud of her. Having her help me that day is a contribution to the love that went into this design.


Freshwater pearl clusters in blues and greens offer luminescent interest.


Fresh spring budding growth at the top of this cedar sprig. The promise of good things to come.


If you look at the center of this photograph you will see a raw bronze evergreen sprig that is purposely not plated in gold. Gorgeous just as it is, it also holds the significance of being from the garden at my father’s house.


A gathering of elements to tell a story using fabric, metal, crystals, pearls and gemstones. Representing hope, growth over time and the most powerful gifts love offers us. Evergreen holds my heart and soul.

Evergreen Love Grows

Why green should be your favorite color.


Do you feel it?

EvergreenBouquet_EmiciLivet_webHello dear loves. You may remember the beautiful Evergreen bouquet that was previously written about here. Evergreen is a conceptual art bouquet that blooms, broadens and grows over time, just as an evergreen would. It represents enduring affection that is multi toned and layered. A complexity of components but the beauty of them together is truly undeniable. It will remain stoic and alluring forever.


The peaceful nature of it is that it exists naturally and without strain. You may not come across it very often but you can always remember that it is there. The comfort of a stability in a love that nurtures and remains.


The expansion of Evergreen included adding many more leaves, freshwater pearls in several shades and styles, polished gemstone and Swarovski crystals. These clusters are wired by hand and attached to their own silk wrapped stem. All of Evergreen’s leaves are created in the Emici Livet studio using antique tools.

I hope that you find the concept of this love translated into a bouquet as soothing as I do. Leaving you now with thoughts of green.

XO -Marie

Restoring the Art

imageThis weekend I am working to restore more antique molds by casting the missing half in bronze. The gold plated leaves in this Emici Livet bouquet were created just that way. Many months and a lot of help go into this process to create exclusively Emici Livet components. This heirloom silk bouquet is completely hand made in the studio. Photographed here for the beautiful Eden Luxe Bridal catalog. Gold cuff by Eden Luxe Bridal. Model Bradleigh Page. Dress Justin Alexander. Photography Meg Fish. Silk ribbon by Stella Wolfe.

Feeling Exposed


Dear friends. The title of this post is appropriate because this photo of me was taken with film (it does still exist) by the superb Meg Fish Photography at a photo shoot in Southern Oregon. First of all, I want to say, that I am very nervous in front of the camera. I don’t know what to do. I am not sure why this happens because I am always happy to share and visit with anyone but when a lens comes out and points toward me, I sort of panic. This attitude is a waste of time, I know this, so I never decline a photo despite my lingering angst. I have photos of my family who have passed on that I treasure. TREASURE. Who am I to rob my loved ones, in this generation and beyond, of this same pleasure? Will my great, great, great grandchildren love this photo? Will one of them own Evergreen the bouquet that I made with my own hands pictured resting on my lap? Will they see themselves in me?  I see my mother’s face sometimes when I pass a mirror. It’s just a glimpse in my peripheral vision but there nonetheless. We all have a story to tell. We live lives that are full of love, choices, work, friends and the outward ripples we create just by being here. I am not afraid to walk into a room and meet new people. Why should I suddenly fear a mechanical eye over an organic one? I guess what I am saying is be present in both the actual present tense and the remembrances of it. Don’t wait, we never know how long we have. XO -Marie

Emici Livet Light Heart Bouquet


As I write this, I can hear children laughing and counting backward to play hide and seek. If there is anything more representative of a light heart than that, I do not know what it is. Light Heart ,the Emici Livet bouquet, is all about love. A pure love that will never fade. It supports you, it endures with you and provides optimism, support and ease. A simple fact that you are loved simply. You can rest easy because there will always be someone who will want the very best for you. Whether it is near or far, it won’t be dimmed, it will never dull.


The concept of Light Heart is carefree but the construction is uniquely complex. About 100 hours were invested to create a physical, all lasting representation of what optimism is. Freshwater pearls in several shapes and sizes were sourced along with crystal quartz and white topaz gemstones. Hand carved mother of pearl flowers centered with the tiniest of freshwater pearls are featured. Each silk satin flower is molded with shapes cut by rare antique tools and curled by hand, petal by petal. Double faced silk velvet leaves completely made in the Emici Livet studio recall dusty miller. A once in a lifetime arrangement, yet there is no fear of loss. Light Heart would not allow that, it would always cheer you on for what you want and highlight the sun around the corner.


The photos featured here are behind the scenes photos from a photo shoot I attended in southern Oregon for a completely new catalog of head pieces and veils for Eden Luxe Bridal. She is the sweetest and you will be able to shop her new catalog soon. I can’t wait to share the fine art photography films from Meg Fish Photography for this shoot that goes way beyond to feature what these simple phone pics above can capture.


Photo above of Light Heart by Karli Efseaff.

Model hair by Savant Hair

Gown by Jason Alexander

Makeup by Stephanie Ryan

Bouquet by Emici Livet

Hair accessories by Eden Luxe Bridal

Light Heart is Coming

Dearest friends of Emici Livet. Light Heart is happening, do you feel it? This heirloom bouquet is being created in the spirit of breathing easy. A visual expression of light and the intricacy that goes into the very essence of loving someone. All of the subtle things that add up in your heart creating the unique imprint they have made. You feel light and trouble free. They give you strength and assurance that the complexity of affection is far reaching and will never wilt.


Light Heart will be heavily jeweled in freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, white topaz, crystal quartz gemstones and silver rhinestones. Each double sided silk velvet leaf is cut and pressed by hand in the Emici Livet studio using antique tools and methods. I can’t wait to share more of Light Heart with you. Until then, lots of love. XO -Marie

First Annual Emici Livet Sample Sale Starts Sept. 30th

Oh hello my dear friends. My name is Marie, I make things by hand. Lots of things that I think are quite beautiful and I hope you do too. Deciding to start a brand new tradition for Emici Livet has been truly exciting and might just be the best design yet. September 30th will mark the very first annual Emici Livet Fall Sample Sale and the studio buzz is palpable. Shhhhh… do you feel it? I do.


If you’re a fan of Emici Livet this is the one event that you simply can not miss. There will only be one of most of the pieces offered in the sample sale and you can get them for at least 50% off. That means if you love it, grab it. This event gives me a chance to flex my design muscles creating conceptual pieces and some old favorites to make this event even more versatile.


My favorite thing about what I do is connecting with people in their happiest moments. The joy of my clients comes back to me and infuses my work. Grateful almost seems a subpar word for how I feel. Being able to do what I do and have my work be present in a flower at a ceremony honoring love or a party to celebrate life or even just a clip on a handbag going about the day. That to me is why I create. For life’s moments that fill the heart and make us feel alive. Livet means “the life” and this is why I do what I do.


Be sure to check back on September 30th when the sample sale begins! There are going to be lots of items to choose from but many are only single availability. Hope to see you there! XO -Marie

Lighthouse Giveaway Winner




Dearest friends, being able to give love back to you is the best thing I could hope for. Lighthouse is a very special stem and there were several entries across Facebook, Instagram and the previous blog post. As much as I wish I could give all of you who entered something very special far beyond my words of gratitude, I only have one Lighthouse to give. I am very excited to announce that the winner is Carol S. with the comment: “This flower is gorgeous. I love the name, Lighthouse. It truly represents a beacon of hope.” lighthouse2web


I will be contacting you very soon Carol to get your info. I can’t wait to send you Lighthouse and all the love that comes with it. Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! There is still a lot of goodness to come.

XO -Marie